“I don’t even know if I’d be in the record business if it wasn’t for my friendship with Ray.” Supreme songwriter Buddy Kalb is unquestionably fellow Georgia-born Ray Stevens’ right hand music man. Referred to by Stevens as a “song doctor,” Kalb has authored somewhere in the neighborhood of 123 humor-laden, red state affirming, and stone cold country tunes for his Grammy-winning “Everything Is Beautiful” buddy since 1975, often under his given name, C.W. Kalb, Jr.

Stevens has no upcoming studio albums as he is heavily preoccupied with the construction of his state-of-the-art performance venue and recording complex, CabaRay, and shooting his public television variety series, the aptly titled Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville. Stevens will host a CabaRay grand opening in September 2017.  Read the whole article at the link below.

Source: Having a ‘Mississippi Squirrel Revival’ with side-splitting songwriter Buddy Kalb